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Cleaning Services

General Cleaning

Regal Maid is a light housekeeping or maintenance type of service, designed for regular interval cleanings - generally weekly or alternate weekly. However, we also do monthly or one-time cleanings.

We send two uniformed associates to your home in a cleary marked company car with all of their own equipment and supplies. These associates are bonded, covered with Worker's Compensation and fully insured for any liability while in your home. These associates will not eat, drink or smoke in your home, nor will they use any of your appliances or your telephone.

Our standard procedure is to thoroughly dust the home and the items in it from top to bottom. We use a lambswool duster in the corners of your ceilings, the corner of your walls and your baseboards on each visit. We also vacuum all your floors, carpeting and upholstery.

We clean and sanitize your bathrooms and kitchen. In your baths, we clean the tile in the shower area, the tub, the shower doors inside and out, the commode inside and out, your vanity, basin and mirror. We then vacuum and hand wash the bathroom floor.

In your kitchen, we will clean the drip pans and rings in your stove, wipe the surface area of all your major appliance, spot clean your cabinet fronts, and clean the counter tops. All items on the counter are picked up, wiped off and replaced. We also clean the kitchen sink, vacuum the floor, and hand wash or damp mop the floor (depending on size).

We clean entrance way glass (front and rear doors and any glass sliding doors in your home) inside and out (weather permitting). We also clean the inside window over your kitchen sink if it is accessible.

We empty all your wastebaskets throughout the house and take your garbage out to a designated area as we leave.

Office Cleaning

We clean banks, churches, government offices, doctor/dentist's offices, business offices and non-profit company offices. Our staff is fully insured, bonded and covered with Workman's Compensation. We clean in the early morning before the offices are occupied.

Corporate Apartment Cleaning

We contract with many Companies to clean their corporate apartment, condo and/or home. We do these cleanings on a regular weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as need basis. This type of service is the only time we bill on a monthly basis. Please contact the office to set up a time for us to meet at the Corporate housing unit.

Is your current house cleaner insured and bonded? Ask us why this is important!!

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